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3D Advanced Lip Blush

3D Advanced Lip Blush


1 Day

Pre-requisites: Foundation lip blush qualification

Semi-permanent 3D lips is an advanced SPMU technique that helps enhance the lips to give the impression of defined fullness. Created with specially formulated pigment, the pigment is etched into the skin with a digital machine.

Lightly ‘whipping’ over the lips with a selection of needles and using diluted pigment to ‘wash’ over the centre of the lips, the whip and wash technique achieves a realistic and natural 3D effect for your clients.

Our expert semi-permanent makeup trainer will teach you how to create defined lips with vibrant popping colour using this 3D technique. Advance your learning in new needle configurations, pigmentology and focus your skills in creating lips that have a realistic 3D effect.

This advanced course will involve mastering advanced mapping skills, perfecting your stretches and the control of your hand speed depth and pressure to achieve perfect lip results.

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