Filleron Proffesional - Needle Free Pen

The Filleron Professional Pen is a needle free device designed to administer filler to volumise lips or plump out fine lines and wrinkles.

This is achieved by using air pressure to puncture the a small amount of Hyaluronic acid into the chosen area.

The active ingredient used, hyaluronic acid, rejuvenates and lifts the skin, as well as stimulating collagen production. The Filleron Professional Pen uses air pressure to allow Liquid Filler into the treatment area through a small puncture into the skin. 


filleron pic

Did you know that 20% of the population has some degree of fear of needles and 10% within that number suffer from what is known as trypanophobia. this is an excessive or irrational fear of injections or needles which can be learned or inherited.

The Filleron Needle Free Pen will allow you to perform lip plumping, wrinkle reduction and skin hydration all whilst boosting the skins natural collagen and elastin production.  This device is a medical grade CE certified needle free pen which is safe, efficient and painless.

Unlike the alternative needle treatments your client will have minimal bruising and swelling and no down time post treatment.

Filleron Proffesional Training Course

Filleron Pen Complete Training and Kit @ £1400

Comprehensive Training Day 9:30am – 16:30pm

Filleron Professional Advanced Techniques Course

Advanced Techniques Course Cost- £495.00

Comprehensive Training Day 9:30am – 16:30pm