Henna Brow Sculpting

Henna Brows

£150 Course Only or £250 Including Course & Kit

1/2 Day

Pre-requisites: None

Henna brow sculpting treatments are a natural method of achieving a more full and defined brow, using entirely plant based ingredients that offer a safe and gentle dying process. Unlike current vegetable dyes, Henna does not require a developing agent, eliminating your exposure to chemicals that may cause irritation to the skin and leaves you with exactly the same standard of results.

The Henna brow sculpting Course will give you the skills and confidence to provide Henna Brow treatments to your clients. 

Henna brow sculpting treatments provide a longer lasting effect than tinting but it is not as invasive as semi permanent make-up treatments, therefore great for clients wanting a defined lasting brow without opting for a treatment that breaks the skin.

Starter sets includes all the products needed to professionally dye henna eyebrows. All Marie-José Henna products are packaged together in a handy bag.


  • All 5 colours of henna dye. Brown colours in packaging with 5 sachets. Blonde and black colours in packaging with 3 sachets.
  • Pipette: for the exact dosage of water
  • Mix bowl: to mix the colour
  • Angle Brow Brush
  • Soft Scrub Cream for Eyebrows
  • White Stick
  • Brow mapping string
  • 25 disposable eyebrow brushes
  • Callipers

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