Excellence in Aesthetics

Lidocaine Infusion (Dental Block)

Pre-requisites: Foundation Dermal Filler Qualification 


The aim of the dental block (infiltration) course is to teach delegates the science behind nerve block injections and the correct techniques of administering them. Such injections are required for many practices focusing on facial rejuvenation, where some patients require more than topical anaesthetics.

When qualifying as a practitioner, it is essential that all trainees are confident in administering anaesthetic injections to perform and enhance their aesthetic practice. This course will seek to fully prepare you by underpinning this vital aspect.

Like every course we provide, you are taught the best methods to use on your patients, assuring them (and you) that they will receive nothing but a pain-free and satisfactory experience.

What will I learn:

  • Patient selection
  • Contraindications
  • Pain management
  • Patient record
  • Treatment techniques

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