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Chemical Peel (Foundation) – with LED

chemical peel: Advanced chemical peel

£375.00 (Including Clinicare peel kit)

1/2 Day

Pre-requisites: Level 3 Beauty Therapy, SPMU Qualification, Aesthetic Practitioner, Medical Professional

Skin peeling is a treatment which uses a solution made up of different types of acids to rejuvenate and renew the skin through increased cell turnover. Skin peels act as a chemical exfoliant, removing the upper layers of skin and dead skin cells to reveal the fresh, new skin underneath. There are a number of different skin peels available containing different combinations and quantities of acids. Peels range in severity from superficial, which work on the uppermost layers of the skin and give the skin a radiant glow, to deep peels, which penetrate down into the dermis and can cause layers of skin to peel away.

Chemical peels are a fantastic addition to any aesthetic or skin clinic as they treat a variety of skin conditions such as fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, sun damage, scarring and acne. As the popularity has risen for aesthetic treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers, so has the interest in skin rejuvenation treatments.

What does the skin peel course involve:

  • Basic skin anatomy
  • Healthy and damaged skin
  • Skin analysis and contraindications
  • Consultation and consent
  • Combination treatments

Our foundation peel course demonstrates the use of AHA/BHA skin peels which are relatively quick to perform, often with little down time and, as they come in a variety of strengths, they are suitable for most skin types.

The course begins with a discussion on the skin, skin health and conditions including pigmentation, acne and anti-ageing, before moving on to the different types of skin peels such as light, moderate, AHA and BHA.  Our Educator gives a ‘realistic’ presentation and theory session which draws upon her vast knowledge and experience.  You will not only learn the science but also how to translate this to a level that you can communicate to your client.

Our Educator will assist you in how best to incorporate this treatment into your current practice or business, consider combining the peel with other treatments and look at treatment plans. The knowledge you gain will not only enable you to advise your client on the best treatment for them, but also how to prepare them for the most successful outcome of any other treatments you offer on the face.

Delegates will observe a skin peel demonstration and will be given the opportunity to perform a skin peel themselves. We recommend that delegates themselves act as the models for the treatments, so that they can experience the peels. However, if necessary, a model can be arranged instead.

On completion of this foundation skin peel course, you have the opportunity to attend our advanced peel course, gaining knowledge in TCA and advanced pigmentation removal.

When booking you will pay a 50% deposit with the balance due on the day.
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