Terms and Conditions

  1. Bookings
  • Bookings are to be made online directly with us- by email (littlebeautyacademy@outlook.com), social media or by contacting our number on 07851051503.
  • Upon time of booking, if your course cost is over £100 we require 50% booking fee of the course cost. If your course cost is £100 or below we require the full course cost booking fee upon booking. All booking fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • We are not held responsible for any loss of course funds.
  • Once we have processed your booking you will receive a confirmation email. Your place on a course is only guaranteed when your deposit/full payment has been received and you have received a booking confirmation. If you do not receive a booking confirmation, please contact us by email.
  1. Payments & Cancellation Policy
  • Payments can be made by following the digital link on you invoice sent to you via email. Alternatively, you can make payment over the phone (07851051503)
  • Course fees include: tuition fees, training materials/products used during lessons, manuals and handouts, refreshments. 
  • Additional costs may be required if you choose to receive a treatment on the day of your course.
  • In the event of a student withdrawing from a course before attending, withdrawing midway through the course, or failing to attend the course – no refund will be made, or transfer offered.
  1. Warranty
  • Little Beauty Academy warrants that the services provided under these terms will be provided with reasonable skill and care.
  • The student warrants to Little Beauty Academy that they are:

a-Legally capable of entering binding contracts, and have full authority, power and capacity to agree to these booking terms.

b-The information provided in or in connection with the booking request is accurate and complete.

c-The student will be able to attend the Little Beauty Academy course at the time and in the place advertised.

 d-The student meets the pre-requisites and qualification criteria for attending the course as specified in pre-requisites

e-The student is a resident of the European Union.


  1. Generalised Policies
  • The student will ensure they attend every hour of the course on which they are booked. Course content is designed to meet the criteria set out by the relevant awarding bodies. Failure to attend all the guided learning hours could result in the student not gaining the relevant qualification.
  • Little Beauty Academy will not guarantee students will pass any test, examination or competence certificate. If during the test, examination, or competency demonstration the student does not meet the standards required by the governing body applicable to that skill, then Little Beauty Academy cannot be held responsible.
  • Little Beauty Academy reserves the right to decide on the number of students present on a course at any time.
  • Little Beauty Academy reserves the right to refuse entry/enrolment onto any course or refuse education to a student booked on a course with valid reason.
  • All course materials are copyright to Little Beauty Academy and will not be copied without permission.
  • All students are required to follow Health and Safety, Student Conduct, Client Confidentiality, Data Protection and any other policy or regulation as set by Little Beauty Academy. These are available to students on request.
  • Students will follow the dress code set by Little Beauty Academy
  • The final decision on any assessment will be made by Little Beauty Academy
  • The only language used by Little Beauty Academy is English. If you require your course literature to be translated to a different language then please discuss this at the point on booking, at least 28 days before the start of the course. Little Beauty Academy reserves the right to charge a fee for any literature translation services.
5. Insurance 
  • It is the student’s responsibility to check insurance can be obtained prior to attending our course. We do not find insurance on the student’s behalf.
  • Ensure you can get insurance before purchasing the course, we do not offer refunds after the course if you can not obtain it or if you change your mind.



    1. Deposit Scheme
    • Learners have the option to pay a deposit and then pay the remaining course cost on the first day of the course 
    • Once a booking fee has been made, any fees are non-refundable.
    • Deposits cannot be transferred towards funds for another course – they can only be used to contribute towards the payment of the course initially signed up for.
    • For courses priced under £100 the booking fee is 100% of the full course price.
    • For courses priced at over £100 the booking fee is 50% of the full course price.


    In placing an order for a course with Little Beauty Academy you acknowledge all terms listed above.

     If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us.