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We are so please to bring you our Little Brow Academy.

Eyebrows have become big business within the past 5 years, with many opting for semi- permanent solutions to the hassle of applying make-up daily but still desiring the enhanced facial definition that brows can bring.

Celebrities have pioneered the exponential popularity of these treatments, integrating them as a must-have within our grooming-routine and consequently eradicating the need for a brow-pencil in your handbag.

From dramatic highly defined brows to flatteringly-tinted brows, eyebrow related treatments are in-demand all year round and the semi-permanent nature of the treatments means that your clients will return regularly for maintenance, making them extremely profitable services to offer. Little Beauty Academy trains students in a wide range of Brow Courses at our training centre based in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire.

Little Brow Academy encompasses three main features to all brow courses:
  • Brow Plotting
  • Brow Design
  • Brow Implementation

This style of teaching allows students to easily preform a step by step treatment, allowing for precision to meet clients needs.

Brow Plotting

Little Brow Academy Courses

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