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Wood Therapy Massage & Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming and Contour


1 Day 

Prerequisites: Full Body Massage 

Wood therapy and combined cavitation techniques are one of our most requested body contouring treatments. In this training you will be taught how to administer body wood therapy and cavitation to break down fat, reduce water retention and how to sculpt and contouring the body.

Wood Therapy and cavitation is a new, revolutionary massage technique.  This new technique contours the body with wooden tools to improve the body’s appearance while combining the fat busting effects of cavitation.

Benefits & Results:

  • Natural, non-invasive
  • Activates lymphatic system
  • Reduces/fights/combats water retention and removes toxins from the body
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Breaks down cellulite
  • Reduces size (‘muffin tops’, ‘love handles’, ‘saddle bags’ on thighs, etc.
  • Defines arms and legs
  • Tones and tightens skin
  • Firms thighs and buttocks

What you will learn: 

  • What is cellulite?
  • What is the lymphatic drainage?
  • The link between the lymphatic system and the cellulite
  • History of wood therapy
  • Oils and work products
  • Theory about the use of each element of wood
  • Benefits and effects of Ultrasonic Cavitation
  • How cavitation enhances the combined treatment
  • Step by step work on back
  • Step by step work on abdomen
  • Step by step work in the legs and glutes
  • Step by step work in arms
  • How to sanitize your tools
  • Business marketing
  • Consent form

When booking you will pay a 50% deposit with the balance due on the day.
PLEASE NOTE: We will NEVER contact you by email for payment.

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