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8 Point Face Lift (Liquid Face Lift)

8 Point Face Lift


1 Day

Prerequisites: Foundation Dermal Filler Qualification 

The 8-point facelift (or liquid facelift) is a specialised volumising and lifting treatment that targets key areas to lift, contour and revitalised the whole mid- and lower-face areas. 

It includes these following areas

  • Lateral Zygoma
  • Max Zygomatic Junction
  • Max fat pad
  • Canine fossa/ triangle of Alla
  • Oral Commissures
  • Pre Jowl Sulcus
  • Mandible Angle
  • Sub Zygomatic Hollow

8-Point Facelift Areas

  • Cheek structure, volume and definition
  • Tear troughs, which can create a tired appearance
  • Nose to mouth contours
  • Downward smile, sad face
  • Looseness in the jowl area
  • Lack of definition to jawline

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