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Advanced Body Botulinum Toxin

trap tox


1 Day

Pre:requisites: Advanced Anti-wrinkle Course or Medic

Our advanced body toxin course is designed for experienced Botulinum Toxin practitioners, who are now looking at extending there knowledge and skill from the face area to the body. This course will give practitioners the full knowledge and understanding of botulinum toxin application to the trapezius, arms, buttocks and calf’s.

The main aim for a body tox treatment is to slim muscles to look less protruding, lift muscles and contours while reducing tension and pain.

The areas covered during the course are-

  • Trapezius slimming and tension reliever
  • Arm slimming (barbie arm)
  • Buttock lift and contour
  • Calf slimming and tension reliever 

Course content:

  • Treatment recognition & how to treat
  • Pre and post treatment procedures
  • Injection protocol and techniques
  • Pain management protocols
  • Product knowledge
  • Treatment procedure
  • Results and managing expectations
  • Aftercare advice
  • Treatment planning and pricing

When booking you will pay a 50% deposit with the balance due on the day.
PLEASE NOTE: We will NEVER contact you by email for payment.

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