Excellence in Aesthetics

Skin Peels with TCA (Advanced)

chemical peel: Advanced chemical peel


1/2 Day

Pre-requisites: Basic skin peeling qualification (can be gained at Little Beauty Academy Ltd)

This course is for anyone who has knowledge and experience in superficial chemical peels (AHA and BHA) and who wishes to advance their clinical portfolio.

​What does the Advanced Peels course involve:

Our advanced level skin peel training course will include: client consultations, skin anatomy, recognising relevant skin conditions, analysing skin, recognising contraindications and how to administer deeper chemical skin peels using TCA 15% plus. Advanced peels will treat more severe pigmentation and scarring. These peels usually require skin preparation for the patient and down time following the treatment. 

The delegates will be led in a discussion about the skin and skin health, including different skin conditions including pigmentation and acne. Our Educator will then give a presentation about the Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) peel. 

A practical session will also be included, to demonstrate the peel procedures on hands, neck and décolletage.

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