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Foundation PDO Threads (Mono & Screw)

Cost £550.00

1 Day

Pre-requisites: Medic, Dentist, Nurse, candidate with 6 months experience in dermal filler or anti-wrinkle injections 

PDO Thread Lift is a non-surgical facelift with Polydioxanone (PDO) threads, suitable if you have loose skin around your mid to lower face and are looking for a tighter and fresher appearance. The PDO treatment – otherwise known as “the lunch time facelift” – is a safe and effective alternative to surgical procedures. Results can be seen immediately and last, on average, for around 18 months. Dissolvable threads made of Polydioxanone (PDO) are inserted into the face using a cannula, lifting loose skin and improving its texture. Unlike a surgical face lift, there are no cuts or incisions, just small injections.

Our goal is that our delegates become competent in the use of mono and screw threads on the facial area. We cover many different application processes to offer a safe and effective means of regenerating the skin. 

The PDO threads use the body’s own healing ability to regenerate from the dermis layer. The advantages are:

  • Procedure to regenerate the skin by creating new collagen
  • Increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin
  • Creates a matrix and structure for the whole face
  • Improves the texture of the skin
  • Tightens and Lifts
  • Utilises Lipolysis (fat cell death)

Course Content:

  • Health & Safety (legal requirements)
  • The consultation process (this will include all the information required with a template to guide you through the process and the clients desired outcome)
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • PDO thread general theory knowledge
  • Contraindications
  • Managing complications
  • Treatment protocol
  • Aftercare
  • Marketing & pricing
  • Trouble shooting
  • PDO treatment – practical application (trainer)
  • PDO treatment – practical application (students)

(Students to work on each other) 

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