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Bio-Armouring Liquid Thread Lift



Prerequisites: Dermal Filler Qualification

½ Day

The Bio Armouring treatment is the secret to achieving a more youthful, lifted, and radiant look without the need for invasive surgery or invasive threads. PLLA Bio Armouring is often known as “Liquid Threads”.

Using Neavia Organic Stimulator HA filler plus contains stimulators such as PLLA (Polylactic acid) CaHa (hydroxyapatite of calcium), PLC (Polycaprolactone), these act to plump, lift and create hydration that can last up to 2 years!

Thread Lifts have long been a popular way of lifting facial skin. However, a newer and less invasive option called PLLA Bio Armouring, often referred to as “Liquid Threads,” has emerged in the beauty community. Unlike traditional Thread Lifts, PLLA Bio Armouring involves no physical threads. Instead, it utilizes fine amounts of liquid placed just under the skin to provide support and stimulate collagen production.

Key Differences:

  •  Invasiveness: One of the main distinctions between Thread Lifts and PLLA Bio Armouring is their level of invasiveness. Thread Lifts often require local anesthesia injections and can lead to some discomfort. Clients may need a day or two for recovery, and bruising and swelling can be common. In contrast, PLLA Bio Armouring uses a numbing cream for client comfort, resulting in a more comfortable experience that’s often compared to getting anti-wrinkle treatments, with minimal swelling and bruising.
  •  Immediate Results: With the PLLA Bio Armouring technique, clients can see the beginning of their results immediately after the appointment, which improve in the following weeks. The skin becomes more hydrated and much plumper in comparison with Thread Lifts, where clients often have to wait several months before noticing results of a similar level.
  •  Treatment Duration: PLLA Bio Armouring needs just one session, and can be repeated after 12-24 months. PLLA provokes the body’s collagen production in the long term, resulting in a lifted transformation.

PLLA Bio Armouring offers lifting and natural-looking enhancement that restores your skin’s youthful vitality. Fine amounts of the PLLA Solution are applied under the skin using a cannula for minor trauma and maximum comfort.

These fine amounts of “liquid thread” stimulate your body’s natural collagen production for long-lasting improvements in skin texture and firmness. Experience an instant lift with ongoing improvements as your skin regains its strength and elasticity over 1-3 months after your session, which can last up to 2 years.

All courses include:

  • Full treatment protocol
  • Treatment overview
  • Treatment safety
  • Trouble shooting 
  • Background of the treatment
  • Indications of treatment
  • Patient selection and aftercare
  • Relative contraindications
  • Marketing, costs and pricing 

When booking you will pay a 50% deposit with the balance due on the day.
PLEASE NOTE: We will NEVER contact you by email for payment.

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