Excellence in Aesthetics

Earlobe Rejuvenation and Correction with Dermal Filler

ear lobe


1/2 Day 

Prerequisites: Foundation dermal filler qualification or a medical qualification

The earlobes can reveal signs of age, due to elongated earlobe holes and sagging. As we age our ear lobes actually become bigger and thus start to look like they are sagging. The addition of gravity and jewellery such as clip on or pierced earrings all put an added weight pressure on the area and can stretch and elongate the lobe and also the piercing hole. In some cases jewellery no longer sits correctly on the ear as desired by the wearer.

Earlobe  filler  rejuvenates and  lifts the ear lobe,  to restore the shape and plumpness of the lobe by pushing it outwards and give a more youthful appearance to the lobe.  A small amount of filler injected into the area can also make it easier for jewellery to sit correctly on the lobe again, aiding cosmetic appearance.

This course is a great add on to any aesthetics practitioner and covers- 

  • Health & Safety
  • Consultation
  • Managing complications
  • Client expectations
  • Injection procedure
  • Dermal filler selection 
  • Ear anatomy
  • Contra-indications & contra-actions
  • Treatment protocol
  • Treatment aftercare
  • Tutor Demonstration of treatment
  • Students work on models to perform ear lobe rejuvenation treatment

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