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Ultra X Ultrasound Scanning & Dermal Filler Complications


£699 (excluding ultra x ultrasound device)
£4700 (including ultra x ultrasound device)

Prerequisites: Foundation Dermal Filler Qualification

1 Day

Identifying and treating complications when carrying out dermal filler treatments can be tricky, with a lot of practitioner forming an irrational fear. Our bespoke Aesthetic complications course is designed to equip both new and experienced practitioners with the skills to recognise, manage and prevent aesthetic complications. Using a systematic approach, the course covers immediate, early, and late-onset complications with key management protocols for each, with the core principle of patient safety.

Course content-

  • An anatomy-orientated programme
  • The recognition and diagnosis of complications in dermal filler and provided with protocols for their management including the use of Hyalase. Including the use of Hyalase with ultrasound scanning
  • A focus on anatomical danger zones, to ensure safe practice and the coverage of the medicolegal aspects of aesthetic complications
  • Valuable insight into the wider implications involved with non-surgical aesthetic procedures
  • The use, effects and practical aspect of the use of Ultrasound scanner with Ultra X for safer injecting and quicker complication identification

The ultra X portable ultrasound scanner is a harness way to visualise the superficial layers below the skin and for guiding the needle or cannula to the precise location of the filler deposits in order to dissolve them. Ultra X can be used to map facial arteries as required and to verify characteristics and existing facial fillers.

Ultrasound waves are mechanical energy that are transmitted through a medium from repetitive periodic oscillations of a transducer.

The number of such cycles per second is termed the frequency of the ultrasound signal. This amazing technology is the future of safety in aesthetic practice.

Benefits include-

  • Quicker and clearer recognition of vascular occasion
  • Precise guided dissolving
  • Guided injecting
  • Clinical oversite
  • Dermal filler detection  
  • Giving complication reassurance
  • Client satisfaction of a safer injector

Ultrasound scanning when using dermal filler is the way forward in approving safety in aesthetics. With the industry looking at making the use of ultra sound in all treatments a necessity.

The Ultra X device boasts-

  • ULTRA X has power imaging modes like never before in a handheld ultrasound App
  • Powered by artificial intelligence
  • Dual head – wireless handheld ultrasound scanner
  • Easy to operate -Built in and replaceable battery
  • Advanced digital imaging technology, clear image
  • Colour Doppler
  • Cost effective, small and light, easy to carry ultrasound scanner
  • Applicable in hospital, emergency, clinic and outdoor
  • Piezoelectric elements – not one but EIGHTS beamformers
  • Only ULTRA X HD3 delivers high performance and advanced imaging modes of systems in a new handheld form factor that feels like a traditional probe.

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